It was a day with a cloudless blue sky, a flaring sun, fine white sand, in front of a tourquoise sea.

The conversation started more or less like that, “Would you like to set up your own company and design your own glasses?” I was speechless for several seconds, processing the most important question that had been asked so far. Finally I reacted “Are you serious? You just proposed me if I want to make my dream come true.”

Carlos, now CEO and product development engineer and Carla,disigner and manager of the company, remember this moment that changed their lives.

Although having a company involves working more than 8 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week, going through stressful times and not having vacation where you do not think about creative processes, trends and how to improve customer service, they feel happy and proud of what they have achieved with their work and effort.

The creative process is something magical, exciting and is the one that most fills them. That’s where they realize that everything is worth it. In that moment, where we have our technical drawings, all acetates and metal chips color samples on the table, we visualize combinations of colors inspired by what surrounds us, the sunset in the Park Güell, the blue of the Mediterranean, fields of flowers, the mosaics and the artworks of Gaudi. In this way we combine colors and shapes, this is our work and the way of life we have chosen: to create, choose, combine and start over. Because every spectacle that leaves our studio becomes unique. Textures, shapes and colors blend once a traditional way, with different permutations in each frame.

Three months later the creation process starts again. The change of season drives us to apply concepts from the previous seasons in order to re-create something special in the new collection.

Some ask for success, but we know that if we stop, we perish, so we live nonstop, envolving with the newest, applying the tradition of what we experienced already and looking for answers always with the same goal: to create the glasses imagined by each of our customers.